platinum summer EP

by Frank Grimes Jr

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winter 2015. i met you then. you had my entire heart, and i had two minutes of your attention. this record signifies an ability to move past someone, whether it's a lover or a friend or something in between.

thanks to nina, matt, orin, jelins, jen, and everyone at TBQ for letting me perform these songs.


released July 15, 2016

all instruments/production/writing by jon daniel
except track 1: written with orin robichaud and track 5: christian de la torre on timpani



all rights reserved


Frank Grimes Jr Queens, New York

a post punk band from queens, ny consisting of jon daniel (vox, guitar, whatever)

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Track Name: hopeless aromantic
You’ve got eyes as big as the moon
Gouge em out with a rusted spoon
Bleeding hearts get bruised
By the stones you throw
In your glass home

I want “I love you” to mean
More than three empty words
I want forever to be
Something I can hold
In my arms


Keep your heart concealed where I can’t find
I’ll lead you to oblivion with my sweet lies
I know it hurts right now
But someday you’ll thank me
When you don’t know the pain I know


Can I see forever
When I look into your eyes
Or is it just an answer
To a question I didn’t ask

But can you surrender
Your forever to me?
Do you have forever to wait?

Laughter is the voice
of the soul
Can you be soulmates with
someone who doesn’t
have a soul
I don’t know
Track Name: instant party pt. ii: party's over
You’re sleeping upstairs with your girlfriend
I’m waiting for a cab to take me home
I’m sitting on your stairs
I won’t wake your roomates
Passed out on the floor

I’m leaving here as alone
As I came tonight

Your boyfriend seems so great
He’ll wait with you all night
Sitting there alone
By your bedside

So I’ll take another drink
There’s beer pong in the sink
With your high school class ring

Don’t pressure me
I won’t get stoned tonight

I can’t say we’re not friends
That’s what’s in my head
So I’ll just sing it instead

I can’t stand you sober
Only in small doses
Don’t read too deep into a party song
Track Name: platinum summer
I know we havent talked in a while
But I wanna know how you are
How was your trip to orlando
I really want to catch up soon

I wish I was anybody else
In a town where no one knows my name
I wanna dye my hair a different color
But i’ll still be the same to me

You dont want to admit that you miss me
I stopped thinking about you
Im gonna go away indefinitely
I dont want to think about you

I want you to be mine
But that’s too much to ask
Cuz you’ve got other men in your life
And i can never ever ever ever ever be good enough

Maybe if I come back in a year or two
I can find myself in love with you again

You keep me here (trapped forever)
In the cage (of your memory)
That’s how you want (to remember me)
I’m yours, (trapped forever) trapped forever
Track Name: american gothic (netflix and by yourself)
i obsess
over everything we used to do
cant even walk through the mall
without thinking about you
(i aint thinkin bout you)

ill start this story very still
we spent this winter at sawgrass mills
we made out in parked cars we
dont know where we are
where we are

Don’t call me sweet
don’t call me cute at all
Don’t call me when you’re at the mall
You’d only break my heart
So just don’t call me at all

My heart’s a mosaic lying on the floor
I tell myself that I’m over you, gluing back the pieces
But i’m still lying awake at night
And i’m just to sober to give you another try

when the lows are so steep
everything always turns to gold
when your heart’s not mine to keep
ill resign to live with ghosts

whose keeping you close?
do they keep you warm?

is this everything you wanted
american gothic
Track Name: ultramarine embers
Loading up the car
to head up through the east coast
Back to my cold apartment
Where i feel afraid the most

I’m driving here alone
With a ghost in the passenger seat
Wishing you were there
And thinking of all the things we wanted to be

Can you pinpoint the second
to when my heart rips in two
Cause I am feeling like i am
an ocean away from you

Im lying here awake
At three am again

can you remember
ultramarine embers?

Driving up to Tallahassee
Is never as quick as I want it to be
Getting on without you
Was never as fast as I thought it could be

Shades of blue
Tint my mind as im driving through
Fade into you
Is just three words that never felt more hollow


I wish you could love me
The way you love to talk about yourself a lot
Im so sorry (i aint sorry)
I hope he keeps you warm where I could not

So I’ll leave here
Staring blankly at the rearview mirror
You’re still in florida
And im driving back to queens
And i will be happy there
Or at least i wanna be

like everything bad,
you too will pass